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Waterskiing on the Main

Enchanting hiking trails

Gorgeous cycle tracks

Around our camping ground, everything is possible – except boredom!

Enjoy a fascinating variety of leisure activities on and around our camping ground.

For those who are interested in culture and tradition, the famous Madonna created by Tilman Riemenschneider is a must: it’s in the pilgrimage church “St. Mary in the Vineyards” nearby. Or visit the nearest UNESCO world cultural heritage site, the Residence Palace in Würzburg. Don’t miss a walk around the historical center of nearby Volkach, only ten minutes away by foot. And in case your feet hurt, enjoy a trip on the Mainschleifenbahn (Main loop railway).

If you prefer it a bit more active: jump into your hot pants, then to the volleyball court, or play ping-pong. For those who love biking, there’s a whole lot of beautiful cycling tracks just around the corner. And when it gets really hot, nothing is more refreshing than the water of the Main: be it for canoeing, wakeboarding, a motor boat ride, or waterskiing. Of course, there’s enough space for our little guests for romping around, discovering, playing soccer, and climbing. We also have a playground with swings, etc.

Those who love nature may prefer the wine or quince trails, or want to explore the Wine Island with the winegrowers’ villages of Sommerach and Nordheim. There are lots of wonderful hiking trails all around Volkach, which are waiting for you to be discovered.

Two minutes away, you find an adventure playground and an open-air swimming pool – and those a bit more lazy simply can go and relax at our own sandy beach we created especially for you.

You can find more excursion tips click here for further information in German.

St. Mary in the Vineyard

Canoeing on the Main

Our own sandy beach

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