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Locals carrying the decorated maypole at the beginning of the maypole festival

Straight in front of our camping ground, we keep arranging festivities and events – such as our annual maypole feast. The lavishly decorated maypole is carried to its place, and is put up while crowd is cheering. Such a maypole is rather patient as people admire it and dance around it, all of that accompanied by great musicians like, for example, Tim Brown.

We light a big bonfire, complemented by a few patio heaters, to ensure that everyone feels great. No one should be cold, even if it gets a bit chilly late at night. And nobody will end up hungry or thirsty: a grill stand and our drinks counter provide first aid. All you actually have to do is having fun.

As we are surrounded by vineyards, it is only natural that the excellent Franconian wine (forget Liebfrauenmilch!) is offered for tasting at the convivial Wine and vintner festivals. Each year in August, for instance, Northern Bavaria’s largest wine festival takes place. Taste the more than 100 Franconian wines from the vineyards around Volkach’s Main loop to find out which is your favorite. Be curious: these excellent artisan wines have nothing in common with the German plonk from your local supermarket! There is always the grand aldermen’s fireworks, as well as the traditional sparkler magic, which transform the festival location into a sea of lights. All that accompanied by music – there’s simply something for everyone.

Moreover, there are many other festivals, markets, trade fairs, concerts, and organized hikes waiting for you.

Ask us, or find out moreclick here for further information in German.

Tim Brown at the maypole festival

Our maypole in all its splendor

The kids grilling sausages on sticks

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