Camping ground rules

The Ankergrund team welcomes you, and wishes you a great and relaxing stay. In the interest of all our other guests, we kindly ask you to avoid anything that might disturb the community of campers.

Please observe the following rules:

  1. Access to the camping ground is limited to those who register. Whenever a camper or a visitor arrives, he or she has to show up at the front desk. This is also where campers check out before they finally leave.
  2. Keeping everything tidy and clean should be taken for granted. Please avoid any damage of the facilities. Parents must accompany their children under six years to the toilet.
  3. The instructions by the administration and the groundkeeper are final. That applies especially concerning the placement of cars, caravans, mobile homes, tents, and similar items.
  4. Dogs should generally be kept on a leash. Watch out to avoid any pollution of the premises, and avoid bothering others. Dogs must stay away from the bathing area.
  5. To keep the grass growing naturally, please do not cover ground with foils of any kind.
  6. You must not circumvent your pitch by trenches etc. Please watch out that nobody gets endangered or bothered by tent pegs, ropes, and other tent accessories.
  7. Garbage of any kind must be disposed of in the designated bins and containers. Please observe the local waste separation system. It is forbidden to dispose of bulky waste on the camping ground.
  8. Be considerate of your fellow campers, and keep TV, radio etc. on low levels. That also goes for musical instruments. At night and during the early afternoon, nothing should be heard outside your own pitch.
  9. Avoid any noises between 1 pm and 3 pm, as well as between 10 pm and 7 am. During these times, vehicles of any kind may not be driven.
  10. Motorized vehicles may only be driven at walking speed on the entire camping ground. Any noncompliance can result in expulsion.
  11. On the day of departure, please vacate your pitch by 11 am. We will have to charge you another day if you leave later.
  12. It is not allowed to carry hot water out of the sanitary facilities.
  13. Flowers, bushes, and grass may only be watered using a watering can and water from the Main.
  14. Using the playground is at your own risk. Parents should keep in mind their supervisory duties.
  15. Die Benutzung der Badestelle sowie das Baden geschehen auf eigene Gefahr. Die Aufsichtspflicht für die Kinder obliegt den Eltern.
  16. The same goes for the jetty.
  17. Campfires are generally forbidden.

The administration and/or the groundkeeper may exercise the property rights, can refuse to admit persons, or expel them from the premises if such measures seem necessary to keep up safety and order on the camping ground.

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