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Sanitary area

New sanitary building

Washroom, shower cubicles

Washroom toilets

We attach great importance to cleanliness. In 2014, our sanitary facilities were extended by a second state-of-the-art building. Thus, there are now a sufficient number of shower cubicles and washing cabinets, offering the comfort and convenience of a cozy private atmosphere. The bright and friendly rooms are equipped with high-quality fixtures, creating a comfy atmosphere you hardly find anywhere else.

The showers are easily fed with coins. There is a coin changing machine in the entrance area, so you can immediately enjoy the big and comfortable rain showers.

Our special guests can reach the generously designed space barrier-free by using the lift. We took much care in creating these facilities.

Doing the dishes can actually become fun in our separate dishwashing room that offers enough space and light to make the job easy. Have a chat with your fellow campers: that makes cleaning the plates more of a pleasure that you would ever have guessed.


Washroom for guests with special needs

Dishwashing room

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